Who Will Come To Save Cameroon?

By Carlos Mekontchou

Never in history has a country had such a contemptuous president. NEVER !

Even Adolf Hitler showed himself to his people and multiplied the speeches. Even Cesar granted great liberties to the Romans in times of crisis (and this from his own attic.)

He is not a president – he is an emperor. Cameroon is a monarchy. Let me introduce you Louis XIV alias Caligula!

Thirty eight years of political bullying and he ended up taking himself for a god. Thirty eight dry and white seasons of infantilization and objectification of his compatriots and he believed himself immortal. While leaving them in poverty and disrepair beyond measure. It’s incredible !

The Shrimp River inherited the worst imaginable leader; a regrettable accident in history; a real natural disaster. A man ready to do anything to continue enjoying the advantages of power, but ready to do nothing to carry the constraints of this power on his shoulders.

He is invisible, absent, inert, reclusive, erased, even escaped. The title of “Lazy King” suits him so well.

What is laziness if not the art of sleeping and lazing when there is work to be done? The art of staying sealed in your palace when those you are supposed to govern demand action and presence?

He’s a Lazy King, and no more than that. He’s a Lazy King, End of the story.

He spoke to his people for the last time on February 10 in a speech more hollow than the Mariana Trench (the world’s deepest hole in the Pacific Ocean.) A letter without substance, recited mechanically as by an automaton. He seems to live on Neptune, always by the side of the plate and seeming to understand nothing and know nothing about the problems of the day.

It is only 36 days later that we saw his shadow again, in a dubious 4-second video where, instead of addressing those who claim to have elected him, he has chosen to speak to those who directly PLACED him on the throne, and of which he himself recognized to be the “best student.” France.

TFC (Thanks for the Contempt)
I repeat: he’s the worst ruler of all time.

Even Nero, who had his own mother assassinated Aggripine, still left behind large buildings like the Domus Aurea, which are the illustrious vestiges of his reign. What will he leave behind him? Which of his achievements will mark the memory?

What will you keep of Paul Biya, except that you were told: “If you talk about politics we will kill you? “Or” Try a little to put your feet here in Cameroon?”

Apart from the stupid intimidation and the bestiality of a gang of thugs in ties, what assessment, what great idea of ​​its governance will remain in your memory?

In the midst of a global health crisis, he did not see fit to say a word or to make an appearance: he governed by tweets, by Facebook photos and by contradictory decrees, signed by 10 people at a time, to the point where the we wonder who governs. Since his 4-second short film, we haven’t seen him again. No one knows where he is, or whether he is well, or whether he is even alive.

And time goes by and nothing happens. And the days go by and look alike. The Cameroonian is the most ridiculed being in Africa.

With a self-respecting rule of law, Cameroonians should take to the streets to demand the presence of their “Father of the Nation” in these difficult times. This is democracy: GOVERNMENT PEOPLE AND NOT KING! The Middle Ages are behind us.

So is it the rule of law?

And is it the diaspora to come and deliver you like a Messiah who comes down from the sky? (Messiahs do not exist.) How is it possible that we who do not live your sufferings are more concerned than you who suffer them on a daily basis?

You prefer to tell us: “Come and then we will follow you,” as if when Eneo breaks down in Yaoundé, it is dark in Berlin or in Paris.

You are not going to go around forever and rely on weekly Moneygrams to survive. It’s time to learn to be indignant at unworthy leaders. This is the very meaning of “Taking charge of your destiny.”

You have full rights!

Mekontchou writes from Ota, Ogun State.

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