To solve challenges in many sectors, Nigeria must provide adequate funding for edcuation – Redeemer’s University don


By Charles Akinbode


A Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Redeemer’s University (RUN), Ede, Osun State, Kayode Samuel Adekeye, has said that Nigeria should provide adequate funding for the education sector to drastically reduce challenges facing other sectors in the country.

Adekeye gave the charge on Thursday while delivering RUN’s 7th inaugural lecture series titled: “Assignable Variation: The Unknown That Must Be Known.”

Prof. Adekeye

He called for revitalization of the Nigerian university system and proper funding of the education sector with adequate priorities, saying underfunding can not make Nigerian universities to be rated among the first 10 on the Times Higher Education World University rankings.

He said: “If the government of Nigeria needs the universities to be productive and highly rated, it is required to provide an enabling and conducive environment for effective teaching, learning and quality research to take place in the universities and other education sectors such as primary, secondary, and other tertiary education institutions.”

Calling for creativity and innovation to stimulate socio-economic fortune that can inspire nation building capacity and national development, the university don pointed out that the challenges facing Nigeria’s development strides were due to redundancy and poor approach on the part of key role players.

He noted that development and nation building required proactive measures articulated by creativity, innovation and giant strides by not only government but also concerned citizenry.

He stressed that the philosophy of ‘if it is not broken, do not fix it’ is retrogressive and has been the bane of the country’s development instead of ‘do it right the first time’ philosophy that is progressive and development-driven.

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Adekeye in a group photograph

He said: “The philosophy, ‘if it is not broken, do not fix it’ is what operates in education, health, housing, power, transportation and many other sectors in Nigeria. A nation that believes in quality products, deliverables and services must and should not operate the philosophy. To unravel the unknown that must be known, the second philosophy of do it right the first time and always must be enforced and seen to be operational by all.”

For the country to be able to witness development and engender nation building capacity, Adekeye recommended a dire need for a paradigm shift from ‘the this is how we do it’ syndrome to ‘we can always and continually improve our process.’

“This will remove redundance from our system and produce a better society that all of us will be proud of.”

Adekeye in a group photograph after the lecture

He said that since the youths are strategic to nation building there should be youth’s participation through engagement and reorientation to believe in Nigeria and for them to shun the mentality of “turn by turn,” “chop I chop,” “Yahoo- yahoo is brain at work,” “cheating is smartness” because no nation becomes better until they change their mentality.

He recommended computation of Key Performance Indices which is the duty of the stastician with a view to measuring governance effectively.

He, therefore, urged solidification of the affinity between statistics and good governance to ensure effective access of the citizenry to basic socioeconomic infrastructure and service provided by the government.

The university don said: “For any individual, organization and a nation to progress, improve in their operations and deliverables, the unknown must always be known, using statistical tools. Then we can know where we are, where we want to be and how we can get to where we want to be. The fulfilment of vision and mission can be accomplished.”

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