The Women’s Lesson: What Is The Revolution?

By Carlos Mekontchou

In March 1896, the Italians had their buttocks brutally kicked by the Ethiopian troops led by Emperor Menelik II (which also explains why Ethiopia was never colonized). But what history does not say is that the main mysteries of the strategy of this war were devised by Menelik’s wife, Empress Taytu Betul.

It was in honor of his wife that he founded the city that is today the capital of the country and seat of the African Union: Adis Ababa (which means “the new flower”)

In 2015, the World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked Rwanda as the 7th best managed country in the world. In addition to hosting the cleanest capital in Africa (Kigali), it is also the country on the continent with the best business climate for foreign investors. But what history does not say is that of the country’s 21 ministers, 11 are women, just as the national parliament is made up of 60% women.

On Thursday February 6, 2020, Rwandan Minister of Legal Affairs Evode Uwizeymana resigned for simply … pushing a woman! In addition to apologizing on Twitter, he went back to visit this woman in the security company where she worked!

In 1983, when Thomas Sankara took power in Burkina Faso, the school enrollment rate was 12%, and even more frightening among women. In just 4 years, this number will be more than triple, as will food self-sufficiency on basic products. But what history doesn’t say is that Sankara owes his excellent results only to his brilliant policy of social gender equity.

He had established so-called “solidarity days,” where men had to take the role of their wives for 24 hours, and do the shopping and all the laborious tasks under which their wives were crumbling on a daily basis, in order to understand what they were doing. endured, and give them the final consideration they deserved. It goes without saying that a society where women are trampled on is a lost society.

Sankara sums it up very well in an epic speech delivered on March 8, 1987 in Ouagadougou: “The question of women is therefore at the very heart of humanity itself, here, there and everywhere.”

Here And There

And indeed, the outside world is no exception to this noble principle. The October 1917 revolution which overthrew the dictatorship of Tsar NICOLAS II in Russia was initiated by women who went to march to demand the end of the First World War and the resumption of the economy. It is, moreover, Lenin, the guide of the revolution, who established for the first time the day of March 8 (February 23 in the Russian Orthodox calendar) as a day in their memory, from 1921.

Today, the leading European economic power (Germany), has been led by a woman since 2005. On April 5, 2019, the Swiss information portal reported the words of Sylvie Durrer, director of the Federal Office for Gender Equality in these terms: “[Switzerland] can learn from other states, especially from developing countries like Rwanda.” It turns out that Rwanda is located in the 6th world rank of countries where the representation of women is real, while Switzerland is only … 20th rank.

Just as the Burkina Faso of the 1980s was cited as a continental example of self-sacrifice. Let us note in this regard that the great Mossi Empire, the largest human group in the country (and from which Sankara comes from her mother), was founded by a woman, Princess Yennenga.

At this very moment, a futuristic city of 700 hectares and running entirely on solar panels is under construction in the southwest of the capital, and bears the name of the famous Empress.

What Is The Revolution?

In 2019, the Cameroonian diaspora experienced an unprecedented rapid ideological rise, and began a plethora of revolutionary actions against the Gang of Malfrats of Yaoundé. His greatest feat of arms is to have put an end to the Java weeks of the band at Biya in the luxurious Western palaces which they loved. But what history does not say is that this revolution is marked by a large female presence in the front runners Perhaps even as never before in the recent history of the country where the Shrimp River flows.

More than many men, these women found themselves willingly and courageously on the front lines. They braved not only the savagery of the chimpanzees … sorry the gorillas of Biya, but also a strangely harsh Western police repression. From Geneva to Paris via Lyon, they were the main standard-bearers in this unprecedented showdown between a null president and a youth satiated with contempt.

And as we can see, some have left with more painful after-effects and traces than others.

It is this contempt for the fairer sex that will further strengthen their action. From the baby lost by Astou Chou in 2018 to the three bullets lodged in Michelle Ndoki’s legs on January 26, 2019, this bestial diet has shown how respect for women is not on their priority list. This explains why it was still a woman’s leg that was broken in October 2019 in Lyon. As mentioned above, a society that tramples on its women is a lost society.

Hence The Current State Of Shrimp

The only thing sadder than this Biyayist contempt is when the revolution comes to despise itself, with people who seem to have forgotten why they formed a group. It is utterly incongruous, absurd, and wizarding to devote one’s energy to criticizing and sabotaging their own fellow struggles, when that energy is far more useful elsewhere. The traitors of the revolution will reveal themselves, because they will be the ones who, rather than attacking Paul Biya, will find time to perish on the trivialities linked to the private lives of their brothers in arms.

In Short:

Christian Penda Ekoka repeated it a few days ago: “Politics is not a comedy.” When you have women who have serious fractures for an ideal, know that this ideal is great. Please be aware that this is not a game or fun fair. If you have free time to waste, use it to support, accompany, visit and / or care for these women who are giving you a masterful lesson in determination. How is it conceivable that people who claim to drive out a regime themselves become actors in a nameless diversion? They get lost in personal gossip and rather engage in self-aggrandizement, for the satisfaction of their childish egos.

This is why the revolution will be a failure. You cannot defeat a system that you embody in your own flesh. This is a high level scam. The revolution is not a factory for the creation of stars and princes, but a test of serious perseverance

The best way to lose popular support is to use your (supposed) popularity to sing, “The most beautiful is me!” The others are ugly!” While what made you popular, the reason people started following you, was the slogan: “Down with the old system.” Unfortunately, many of these budding revolutionaries are gradually revealing a similar side, very similar to that of the Gang of Malfrats that we want to see fall.

One fact is certain: at the end of the story, they will know the fate of those they imitate.


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