The Osun Progressive: All for Oyetola

By Isaac Olusesi

The barrage of intra-party issues is not enough a leverage to rip a political party, limb from limb, and declare in a crossfire that the State of Osun All Progressives Congress (APC) is being led to a “Oath of Ruin” (OoR), quoting The Osun Progressive (TOP), with the APC state Caretaker Chairman, Prince Gboyega Famodun, described as the party father figure, out to destroy the unity and peace of the APC, the governing party in the state.

The OoR is evil, definitely not a good title, coming from the background of those who ought to be co-father figures to resolve any ‘contending forces within the party’ in the state but had chosen to be hybrid party players with the high hit counts for attacks and actives on the Osun APC. The OoR, more of psychological projection of inner mindset is more about introductory destruction, in the preface and next, to launch out Oath of Annihilation (OoA) to end the enemy, the state APC mainstream, and behave like the survivors of the massacred town or exterminated village in a scene from a horror movie.

The OoA has mulishness, obstinacy, rigidity, tact, hot headedness, doggedness, intolerance, pertinacity and ultimate destruction as tenets. The Osun Progressive (TOP) may not be joking as the splinters know, they can get into any serious trouble for taking an oath, sacred or solemn and go back on it as OoR, OoA invokes a symbol of the power of the war gods, the guardians of oaths, usually involving the penalty of inexplicable retribution for any intentional falsity is dangerous to the soul of man.

Oath or no oath, the Osun APC father figures across board, incredibly important party influencers with power, authority and cash muscles ought to generate emotions towards improving on the extant peace, extant unity, extant commitment, extant loyalty, extant strength and extant progress within the party; ought to boost further sense of well-being and confidence in the party; ought not to have abandoned responsibility to the APC family, to spend enough time with the party family, afford them increased right to be heard, encouraged and taught or disciplined; and ought to know that any disorder in the party emotional system may lead to repeated dysfunctional relationships, vertical, horizontal within the party as corollary of any broken trust and self-worthiness.

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For note, the many growths and developments made by the APC-Governor Gboyega Oyetola government across the state are a reflection of the party’s corresponding articulation of the diverse need interests of the governed and political demands of the party’s organized groups, aggregated through prioritized processes around the outcomes of the government policies, programmes and projects that dot the state, length and breadth.

The brilliance of the enhanced Famodun’s APC work relationships with the state government is that, one, it has strengthened the party management skills, inspiring the party to further re-engineering cost-effect strategy options for the government; and two, it has achieved dramatic improvements in government performance measured by the work output or productivity feedback from the state workers.

And the Famodun APC-government work relationship has also consistently guaranteed government stability and survival, with the Famodun processes of intra-party democracy – the development as incentive to the cohesion of the Osun APC, influencing or increasing the party’s heterogeneity of interests through articulation, helped by the APC left wing ideology, usually more cohesive than the right wing, centrist or reactionary party like Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

Where then is the basis for Famodun’s “unfit to handle party management,” in the words of TOP? Those who defected in the heat of the last governorship primaries and election in the state did that not on any intra-party divisions which were in fact, empirically the consequences of defections.

Parochial political interests, individuated ideology, primeval political ambition, mistrust in party hierarchy and unrighteous indignation are the independent and non-independent raison d’etre for the 2018 defections in the Osun APC. Not Famodun. In any case, giving up the membership of one’s political party, abstaining from voting against party leadership directive is a voluntary act, or changing party allegiance is a deliberate personal abandonment of loyalty.

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It is expected that those who have remained faithful, peaceful and in harmony with the Osun APC but have consciously or in a reflex action found themselves in TOP, should have a rethink to keep contentions issues off the TOP agenda and instead bring up persuasions, inferences or issues that will enjoy the APC majority support.

But TOP is already pulled down to the denizen of shame and its agenda out-gunned, or gunned down deep dead at take-off, by the reality of the sole issue of the moment – the Non-negotiable Oyetola 4 + 4 whether or not TOP drops its co-partisan switching, dissent, splitting penchant to cause fragmentation and polarization of the party and variations in the party members’ voting behavior. “Governor Oyetola, the main issue in Osun APC politics, overwhelms any wide range of issues, preference and persuasions in the state APC system. Otherwise, TOP should get self-opted out or self-fired from the party as it has no values whatsoever,” Chief Jumoke Ogunkeyede quipped in a phone chat, with the writer, Tuesday, this week.

A priori, Oyetola is the single comprehensive issue for Osun APC stability, maturity and fluidity on party-line vote, a deliberate vote with a substantial majority of party’s members voting same way, en masse for him, next gubernatorial election in the state.

That’s why it could safely be said that every party member has paid his dues through hard work, suffering, long experience and party line vote to have earned all the right to belong to the party to attune to the Oyetola dive for the second term in office and that’s also why everyone in the party has remained justifiably stubborn and assertively confident in making their signatures or stamps public to authorize the retention of the state constitutional power in him for another 4 years in office after 2022: an indication of public approval, endorsement of his current governorship and endorsement, support for his next governorship drive, without peril or exposure to any electoral jeopardy, injury

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The galore or galaxy of endorsement galleries across the state speak to the APC membership’s signing the back of a cheque, giving approval to the bank for the cheque to be cashed.

That’s the figurative of the endorsement spate and space in Osun.

All for Oyetola!

Olusesi is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity, Research & Strategy, State of Osun

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