The African and Tracking: Cancer of the Colonizer

The African and Tracking: Cancer of the Colonizer

By Carlos Mekontchou

I will tell you a story.

In 1552, the French writer François Rabelais published a novel entitled “Le Quart Livre”, in which he depicted a particular man, a giant named Pantagruél, who traveled the seas of the world on an adventure. This giant travels with a friend by the name of Panurge, who is looking for an Oracle (medium) capable of reassuring him about his love life and his fears of marriage.

During a meeting with a merchant ship where Panurge wants to buy a sheep, Mr. Dindenault the seller is very contemptuous, so that instead of keeping the sheep he has just bought, Panurge throws the animal to the sea. It was then that the rest of Dindenault’s herd mechanically followed their fellow creatures and jumped into the water. And all the sheep perish and drowned one after the other.

The expression “Panurge sheep” comes from there. It designates all individuals incapable of thinking for themselves and prisoners of a crazy follow-up towards a man whose project, vision and solutions they are unable to explain.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 98% of support for leaders suffers from this scourge. These men have no balance sheet, no program, and worse, in times of crisis, they are more invisible than a bat at noon. But even before this witchcraft, unique in the world, you see people defending them with incredible zeal.

Because the tribe, because the cousin, the brother of the village; because the comrade plundering public funds: this is “sheepism.”

Africans suffer from a chronic illness: “intellectual hypnosis.” It is an ugly cancer left by the colonizer and from which it is necessary to root out. They are asleep. Under hypnosis, under the effect of the beatitudes taught to them by the colonizer on prescription from His Majesty. The speech of the Belgian King at the beginning of the second half of the 1800s when he sent his elements to explore Africa tells us a lot.

There are 3 stages of erasing a people:

1) Intellectual murder: you have no history, you have never done anything, you are capable of nothing, your culture is folklore, your religions are witchcraft, your languages ​​are dialects.

2) Moral murder: You are not in a position to decide what is right or wrong, to make decisions concerning you, you must see everything according to the thought of the oppressor, the colonizer, he alone must give you moral consent to take any action.

3) Physical murder. It’s already over for the American Indians and Australian Aborigines, the blacks of Libya,… The Black people in general are as follows.

The African scientist Cheikh Anta Diop said that “The harm that the occupier has done to us is not yet healed, cultural alienation ends up being an integral part of our substance, of our soul and when we believe to be rid of it, we has not yet done so completely.
And often the colonized or the ex-colonized even, looks a little, like this slave of the 19th century, who released, goes to the doorstep and then returns home because he does not know where to go, since the time he lost his freedom, since the time he acquired reflexes of subordination, since the time he thought or learned to think through his master. It is a little what happened to the African intelligentsia as a whole (…) You responded by the acts to the inferiority, therefore, you somehow proved or supposed the inferiority of the black world, since the truth must come to him from the other side. Me, if I was not intimately convinced of the equality of the races, of the capacity of each race to lead its cultural and intellectual destiny, but I will be disappointed that there is this hierarchy of races, that means that we will have to expect a disappearance in one way or another (…) ”

Mekontchou writes from Sango-Otta, Ogun State.

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