Reviving Absolute Loyalty In Our Political Parties

By Felix A. Orunpekun

Loyalty is ever a living concept in any human gathering, from domestic administration such as family settings to governmental administration, from the lowest level to the highest level. Private organizations, political organizations, such as political parties, military and paramilitary organizations even religious organizations with hierarchical system of administration cherish loyalty. Succinctly, loyalty is a pillar upholding any human gathering put together by nature, principles, laws and convention.

Every new employee of the government takes an oath of allegiance and secrecy to obtain his loyalty. In private organizations, the new employee is briefed of the laid down procedures of the organization also to obtain his loyalty. The same goes to public office holders– presidents, governors, ministers and others during their swearing-in occasion, oath of service is administered to them, hereby pledging their loyalty to the nation state ditto political parties.

The efficacy of loyalty can not be over emphasized, the president chooses those that will serve him faithfully as service chiefs. Godfathers in the political setting will also select and sponsor only those that have been faithful to them.

You see, every human wants a loyal person around him. Loyalty refers to having or demonstrating undivided and constant support for someone or something. A loyal person potrays firm allegiance to a person or institution.

In military and paramilitary anywhere in the world, the only language well-spoken is loyalty as any breach of the oath of allegiance or secrecy attracts dismissal from service, jail term and other severe penalties.

According to Herbert hubbard, if you work for a man, work for him in heaven’s sake, speak well of him and standby the institution he represents. Even Nicolle Machiavelli propagated the tenant of absolute loyalty suffix to say loyalty should be total.

Political organization is an important segment of the system of any nation state around the world because it produces men and women that will administer and control the resources of the nation. Political Stability begins with stable political organizations. A nation wallowing in political instability cannot be economically stable. In developed and some developing countries, political parties are stable because of the unalloyed loyalty of party members to their parties. It is uncommon for any elected candidate of the democrats to take the sweat and effort of its party to the republican and ditto will any elected member of conservative take the sweat of his party to the labour party. Overnight cross carpeting is not common in those nation states.

It is a different case here in Nigeria, it is a common phenomenon in our political system today for elected representatives to governorship positions as well as their deputies, state and federal legislators who want to outshine their masters to carpet the parties that nurtured and brought them to limelight by decamping to another functioning political party due to personal aggrandizement. What matters to them is the economic interest and as soon as their interest is obstructed they throw loyalty away.

It is also noteworthy that some political actors in Nigeria have demonstrated absolute loyalty to their parties even when the party did not control any elective position in government. Party is supreme to any candidate, in other words, one of the functions of the political party is to make sure elected candidates in the party at all levels especially state and federal adhere to party principles and fulfillment of party manifestos made during campaign. This will make the party maintain and sustain its relevance for future elections.

Some state governors in Nigeria personally shopped for candidates they think will be loyal to them and made them potential successors, after their second term in office, the chosen men were sold to their parties. As soon as such candidate gets to power, he becomes a master to his master forgetting that absolute loyalty is a panacea for brick walls obstructing personal peace and progress. It is expedient for a person, group, or organization to be a platform that breed and nurture to self-actualization in life socially, politically and economically and such individuals, group or organization deserve unalloyed and absolute loyalty.

The political prostitutes are more concerned about their pockets and not the welfare of the people. Anyone that betrays the institution or body or individual that produces him to get to the peak of self-actualization will be betrayed himself by another person, it is the law of karma.

Many people around the world still grow to the peak of their career, position and affluence in life without betraying the institution that produced them. Only a few people betray loyalty and still become successful but the treacherous act will be an albatross that will continue hunt them one day.

Orunpekun writes in from Osogbo, Osun State.

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