Reducing Expressions That Aim To Infantilize Africa

By Carlos Mekontchou

The Western colonizer did everything during the colonization of Africa to mark the difference between civilizations and make us believe that Westerners are superior to Africans. Colonization was very brutal, with its corollary of dead. It was not only physical, but also linguistic, the biggest trap being in the handling of the languages ​​(French, English, Spanish or Portuguese) that we adopted. I will highlight a few Western expressions and practices which, in our collective memory and our common understanding, give the impression of being different. And yet!

Have you not noticed that the words “war” and “opinion” in western jargon – when it concerns them – are always followed by the other words “world” and “international”? When a western country like France declares war on you, it always arranges for its operationalization to involve several other Western powers. And here they talk to you about world war. Their opinion is international, that’s why they always speak on behalf of the international community.

 To kill Moumar Kaddafi they spoke of the international community when in reality it was a war declared by France. In Côte d’Ivoire, they talked about the international community when in reality it was a French operation against President Gbagbo Laurent.

You have certainly noticed, like me, that some synonyms in languages ​​have been created to mark the difference between Europe and Africa, white and black. They call our languages ​​spoken in Africa “dialects” and theirs “language”. We are “immigrants” when we go to France, Spain or the United Kingdom, but when Europeans come to us, they are “expatriates”.

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 Find out the real difference between expatriates and immigrants to understand the deception. We have been cheated from the start. Worse still, when you find yourself in the West without your papers, they call you “undocumented”, but when they are Westerners without papers in Africa, we are told of a Western national in “irregular situation”. Who are they kidding?

When France opposed the Nazi occupation, they spoke of French “resistance”. But when we opposed the French or colonial occupation, they called us “maquisards” and today “terrorists”.

 They treat our pygmy brothers and sisters as savages because they walk around naked with sex covers, while at home in France and the West, people who walk around naked with sex covers are civilized people who do “naturism”.

Do you know that the “lobbying” that France and the West practice at home is nothing other than the “corruption” that they help us to fight in Africa? Corruption is therefore a severely reprehensible offense in Africa and lobbying considered a full-time job. Simple word games to fall asleep.

Let us beware of some expressions which aim only to relegate us to the rank of stooge.


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