Osun: Between Oyetola and Salam (II)

By Isaac Olusesi

Figuratively, Oyetola is the texts, publications, video and audio, approachable, accessible and Osun people, the electorate, at ease, reading him, viewing him, listening to him, and connecting with him, for instance at Apero and Governor’s Family Meeting (GFM) where he collaborates with Osun people for the sustainability of his approachability, inclusiveness, responsiveness and accountability, with Salam ‘s claim, accusation and charge crumbled.

Oyetola’s own kind of collaborative skill in the manner of Apero-GFM, taking on leadership role constantly in coalition with the Osun governed enhances government accessibility to more helpful information; and the governed, on an equal footing, contribute productively, engagingly constructive in the processes of government policy decision making that contextually drives the state horizontally, vertically into the zone of maximal balanced developments.

The Apero-GFM stircase, in the phrase: “putting our heads together,” aligns the body languages of Osun people, promotes unity in the diversity of party affiliations, religions and emotions, steps up accessibility, responsiveness and creates psychological safety for all, has continued to sharpen Osun people’s skills in the art of government and administration, with their knowledge, experience and creativity found germane to public trust and confidence in government for shared approachability, yet Oyetola neither assigns any blames to anybody nor expects any praises as he values his work.

I am not seeing Salam’s ‘withdrawn tag’ stamped on the Osun Governor, a veiled insult, coarse commentary as though it is artless, a flagrantly egregious error, paddling of ill-evidence against Oyetola who’s never marked by any ‘withdrawn’ or recluse from the governed; he’s quick in perception, alert in sensibility, sharp in intellect, clear in thought, and precise in expression; and he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, idiomatically, not rounded, blunt or blurred.

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Excuse me again! Oyetola is pointed and fast on the Osun development uptake. And no other governor elsewhere mixes statesmanship, approachability or accessibility, responsiveness, and collaboration conscientiously as attractive, workable and commendable as Oyetola. His Osun APC government, governance offers so much more of accessibility, encompassing inclusiveness, an attitude of his being decipherable, as the governed effortlessly meet and relate with him, earning him increased achievements and good public image. He also accepts accountability for his actions in government as a fundamental self – driven skill against highly probable abuses of power.

Salam, in his PDP shed, guarded and tactful of solipsism and cynicism, is willfully ignorant of any knowledge of Osun Governor’s wizardry, fixturing avant garde with his spectacular manner of deploying the state limited resources and achieving so much, acute–angled, quick–witted Oyetola on the ball.

Ordinarily, Salam cracks soft jokes in any given discourse but does not understand the punchline or how to skip sentiments, political propaganda or agitprop in the garb of exaggerated narrative, manipulated verdict, over blown assertion, two–faced persuasion, intention untruth, or outright blah – blah to brainwash, indoctrinate the Osun electorate, hype plugging the Osun public opinion at a threshold, still away from electoral campaign space, with his big propaganda, aimed at furthering an agenda, hidden.

Red alert! Any lingering of the propaganda jab may subtly assume name calling and bandwagon effects as we enter the deep red sea of governorship election campaigns. But when we get to the river shoulder, we’ll know how to cross it.

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For now, between Oyetola and Salam, who’s partisan in this relatively apolitical scenery, landscape, with the former, never for once, not even a second, overtly or covertly has accused or charged the opposition; and the latter, the opposition PDP high brass collar democrat, a conservative, riven by blatant political partisanship even in an open air and prejudiced adherent to a particular pull APC–Oyetola–out of government, apparently subscribing to his PDP intolerance, unjustness?

The Salams of this world, in politics, have signed on unrestrained negative partisanship ad hominem, dissipating so much energy like a drumbeater at a traditional conclave, pow–pow, and generating with anxiety emotional nuances on extreme egocentricity, overbearing. Most often they speak, marked by such observable compulsive propensities as changing head position and breathing, over–emphasizing words or phrases, ad nauseam , releasing too much information, pursing intermittently, speaking slowly, expressing micro–facial changes, looking calm, un-nervous; and generally are inconsistent in their tone, gesticulation, cadence, sentence structures and body techniques.

Most negative partisan politicians of opposition political parties across climes are either pathological or pseudological and they increase their latency, the misleading way. In their own class.

The PDP opposition elements belong to that class.

( Concluded)

Olusesi is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity Research Strategy, All Progressives Congress (APC), State of Osun.

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