Osun: Between Oyetola and Salam (I)

By Isaac Olusesi

In Nigeria, State of Osun, the Bamidele Salam smithy’s splutterings, explosively in intense confusion at acoustic intervals smouldered accusation of ‘un- statesmanship,’ ‘unapproachability,’ ‘withdrawn,’ and ‘partisanship,’ in the direction of Governor Gboyega Oyetola, and it is most inappropriate, most unsuitable, most untenable, and most unacceptable to the Osun voting populace whose emotions Salam tried so hard to manipulate to win a claim.

Salam, Reps Member of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) extraction in the National Assembly, from Osun, spoke at a media confer, in Osogbo, state capital. He rather deliberately opted for appeal to sentiments, argumentum ad passiones, albeit, as a lawyer, he knows, it is a sensational appeal, of weak deduction, to extract emotional sympathy of the Osun people, distract them from facts, to warrant his own conviction or evidence of a claim.

Salam, while making his claim, accused the governor of ‘’un-statesmanship, unapproachability, withdrawn and partisanship”, and charged him ‘’to be governor of the entire state to operate at a level which transcends political party affiliations,’’ adding that ‘’the minority members of the state legislature are also complaining,’’ with a caution to the governor to ‘’ask Timo Owoeye how the minority members were treated by Oyinlola during his tenure.”

Hear Salam’s claim: “I had meetings with the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, also with the Senate Committee, House Committee Chairmen on Aviation, one is my boss, the other, my friend; and I had involved two Senators from Osun on how to revitalize Ido – Osun Airport and Ede Cocoa Produce Industry, both projects in my constituency, and they let us into some procedures which required the state government, taking some steps to get the projects included in the 2021 federal budget but the state governor was not responsive.”

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Salam’s claim contained a lot of pathos, emotional words or appeal used in rhetorics that depicited his sentiments to make him sound persuasive to the Osun electorate, by attempts to invoke their sympathy in order to make them feel what he had wanted them to feel. But his claim, accusation and charge to Oyetola were too clumsy, an appeal to emotions, sentiments and feelings of Osun voters to win their affinity, closeness and understanding without logic or reason for validity.

Salam has every appearance of the brilliance of a diamond but he was simply acting out a script; unfortunately, his opposition PDP characteristically had hacked his luminance, bungled his calculus, maneuvered his brightness, and swindled him of his dazzling configuration, that suddenly switched him off the appeal to reason for strategic factuality, and then switched him on emotional appeal to the people; an informal fallacy, subjective, and of no testable evidence. But it has only boosted his media celebrity.

The Salam claim, with accusation, charge has not caused any discomfiture or uneasiness to the APC governing party, and it is neither anything embarrassment as the government values promptitude, not reluctancy, already doing something on Ido-Osun Airport and Ede Cocoa Industry, with Oyetola’s statesman concerns for the Osun total well- being as part of his constitutional services to the state development, doing what’s best; justifying his great wisdom, dignity, temperance, magnanimity, patriotism, altruism, identification and sense of public justice in the conduct of government business, other public issues.

Excuse me! Oyetola is showing off well as an important politician who’s well versed in the art of governmental affairs, distinguished from ordinary leader. He also exercises leadership of a special kind that secures conditions for Osun development politics, development governance and reveals the ideals and practice of his statesmanship. His wife, the state First Lady, is also a stateswoman, active in politics and state developments.

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Not being approachable could be one’s leadership blind point. Oyetola knows this more than the opposition PDP could ever have imagined. He’s so obliging, so helpful; so unstuffy, so hospitable; so benevolent, so amicable; so responsive, so accountable; and so conscientious, so frank, to approach or talk with, come-at-able as his doors, always ajar, within reach to get near him. Or just to say hello. He’s good natured, amiable, urbane, benign, kind and pleasant, at hand when needed; and not patterned after arrogance, vulgarity, hostility, controlling, distraction, and temperamental moods or behaviour.

Oyetola’s approachability, friendliness breaks down all barriers to access him, the foundation of the networks of his strongly enchanting, captivating work relationships, with his alluring, entrancing work team spirit, growing his Osun environment in stability and positivity, just as he’s congenial, likeable and assertive, ably striking the right balance by actively listening to feedback that makes great first impression of him.

In the aftermath, Oyetola reportedly gets ahead continually at any work he had ever found himself, decades over, in the nation’s private sector economy, with impact on work planning and productivity. And all of that, now as elected Governor, has translated to his effective leadership capacity and democratic management of Osun affairs, with the state workforce industrial cooperation and peace. Needless here restating the huge infrastructural and economic developments, well spread in the state and well felt by all.

The APC-Oyetola government is not standoffish, remote or aloof. Otherwise, so much of the achievements in the land with so little resources available could have been an uphill task. The government is so publicly accessible, and that alone, has continued to popularize the Osun APC government, with its contextual development contents and landmarks, fully available in online-offline texts, publications, audio or video for public grasp and understanding, particularly video for the deaf, those who cannot hear but see; and audio, for the blind, those who cannot see but hear.

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That’s the figurative of Oyetola’s dynamic approachability, accessibility to opposition sundry elements, living with either sensory impairments, impaired self – esteem or lowered sense of self- worth; and particularly offering to the PDP egg heads, and the entire state populace, unobstructed stircase on equal opportunity to access him and the multiple outgrowths of his government’s Development Agenda, dotting the state’s length and breadth.

( To be continued)

Olusesi is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity Research Strategy All Progressives Congress (APC), State of Osun.

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