BMO raises alarm over alleged plot by Obasanjo to oust Buhari

The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) has raised an alarm over alleged plot by an unnamed former Nigerian President to oust President Muhammadu Buhari from office.

In a statement on Sunday by its Chairman and Secretary, Niyi Akinsiju and Cassidy Madueke, the organization, said it has the intelligence of the “sinister plot being hatched by a former civilian president and a gang of conspirators.”

Though the BMO has avoided making a pointed reference to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as one of the two civilian presidents alive planning a conference of eminent persons to call for Buhari’s resignation it was clear that he is being referred to.

Obasanjo is capable of assembling ’eminent persons’ to proclaim on the Buhari presidency.

According to BMO: “The conspirators under the guise of eminent persons planned to instigate an uprising to force the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari. The conspirators have resorted to unconstitutional means to force the resignation of President Buhari. This is nothing but reckless and anti-Nigeria.

“Our highly reliable security sources have informed us of the determination of the former President to go ahead with a plan to cause disaffection in the country through a planned conference of so-called eminent Nigerians.

“While the Conference ostensibly aims to review the state of the nation, we can authoritatively confirm that it is actually a premeditated plan to create confusion in the polity by calling President Buhari to resign after a supposed vote of no confidence.

“Our security sources said the worries over this latest move by the former leader is not so much about the illegality of the planned declaration but the anarchical mindset behind it, especially given the growing resurgence of military putsch in the West African sub-region. Any appearance of national confusion, even if scripted without any basis, could fuel unreasoned confusion.

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“We, therefore, call on Nigerians to be wary of manoeuvres by people who are desperate to erode the foundation of our hard-fought democracy to further the agenda of a desperate, bumptious and self-serving group of elites besotted with power to the point that they are ready to throw the country into a contrived pandemonium to remain relevant.”

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